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Laser Medley

VIDASKIN’s Laser Medley Programme offers complete customisation with laser treatments to achieve your skin goals. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all and that any individual may have a variety of skin concerns at any one time. Therefore, this programme gives you access to our many lasers to improve skin conditions such as pigmentation, redness, acne, scarring, fine lines and many more! 

What Is a Laser and Which One Is For Me?

Lasers are light devices that can treat various skin conditions. There are many different types of lasers on the market which can treat different skin conditions including acne, scars, pigmentation, redness or textural changes. So in reality, there’s isn’t a “best” laser per say. The best laser for you is the one suitable to treat your exact skin condition at that point in time. It is often that we have a combination of skin concerns, for example, we may have a mix of active acne, acne scars and pigmentation. Our skin can also change with time as well, for example, during another month, we might have developed redness from trying out a new skincare product. We believe that your laser treatment should offer the same flexibility to fit within your ever-changing skin concerns. This reasoning has led us to create the Laser Medley treatment package, where you are not committed to one type of laser but have the flexibility to use many different lasers to treat your skin concerns.

What Makes Lasers Different?

Each laser has different characteristics. Let’s look at some of them.

The Wavelength

The wavelength of a laser determines the depth of penetration. In general, a longer wavelength laser will penetrate deeper into the skin than one with a shorter wavelength, if all other factors are equal. This is important because our pigmentation or skin concerns may not all exist in the same depth. You may have some spots which are more superficial and some which are deeper, requiring a mix of different treatment depths. Therefore it is important to find one with a wavelength that matches the concern to be treated.

The Chromophore

The chromophore is the part of the skin that absorbs the laser energy. There are 3 main chromophores in the skin – melanin (pigment), water and deoxyhemoglobin (blood vessels). We will select the laser that targets the chromophore required for your specific skin concern. For example, if we were treating pigmentation, we would select a laser that targets melanin and if we were treating redness or visible vessels, we would select one that targets deoxyhemoglobin.

The Pulse Duration

The pulse duration is the time that the laser is active on your skin. A picosecond laser has a very short pulse duration (10-12s) whereas a Q-Switch laser works in nanoseconds (10-9s), both shatter pigmentation into smaller sizes to be cleared by the body. A Long-Pulse laser works in milliseconds (10-3s) and is better at targeting blood vessels and for hair removal.

What Lasers Are Available At VIDASKIN?

Here at VIDASKIN, we use a variety of different lasers and light treatments including:


Long Pulsed Laser

Q Switch Laser

4D Laser

Yellow Laser

Carbon Laser

Intense Pulsed Light

Low Level Light Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser treatments can improve various skin conditions such as pigmentation, dull skin tone, redness, acne, scarring and fine lines. They are often better suited to skin that is not regularly sun-tanned. If you have a darker skin tone, certain lasers or light treatments may not be suitable as well. Lastly, lasers are not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Redness is a common side effect from any laser or light treatment. When treating pigmented spots, the spots often get temporarily darker and may form scabs before lightening. Some lasers may also cause localised swelling or skin peeling. The downtime depends on the laser treatment being performed. Before treatment, our doctors will personally discuss all potential risks and side effects with you.

Improvements in skin quality can be expected after 6-10 treatments. Our doctors will discuss a treatment plan with you prior to commencing laser therapy.

Please avoid intentional sun-tanning or strong sunlight exposure for 2 weeks prior to your laser treatment. It is also advised to continue sun avoidance whilst undergoing laser treatment for optimal results and lower risk of complications. Avoid any strong acids or retinoid products for 3 days before your laser treatment. Any specific instructions will be communicated to you prior to your treatment.

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