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About Us

Find Your Balance.

Beauty is an enduring journey that emerges from the perfect balance of precision and artistry. Our clinic offers holistic solutions that seamlessly harmonise medical expertise with a personalised touch. We believe in safe and effective treatments that can accompany you on your journey in pursuit of your real self.

Our Philosophy

Individual Artistry

Our biology is unique to us, we are our own distinctive canvas. We strive to understand you as an individual and tailor your aesthetic journey to best help you find your harmony.


Everything in nature exists within a fine balance. We believe that a well-rounded approach fosters sustainability, enabling you to maintain your authentic self.


Science has evolved to allow us to pursue safer and better results. At VIDASKIN, we curate our treatments to ensure they have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

Your Journey With Us


We always start with a conversation to understand your skin concerns, goals and lifestyle. This allows us to plan your treatment journey before embarking on it together.


Starting with things that mean the most to you, we focus on restoring what we have lost with time. This can range from superficial pigmentary changes to deep structural losses leading to sagging.


Good things take time. You will be surprised at how hard your skin works when given the right tools. As always, we focus on quality treatments with impactful anti-ageing results.


At the end of the day, sustainability is what separates us from the rest. These treatments may not be as intensive as they were initially but they are just as essential in keeping you looking your best for as long as possible.

Dr Vicki Leong

Founder and medical director of VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

Founded in 2015, Dr Vicki has grown with the clinic, to become one of the leading aesthetic clinicians in Singapore. She is an appointed key opinion leader and trains other aesthetic doctors on how to best use prestigious brands and treatments.

The desire to birth VIDASKIN grew from her vision to provide a platform where patients can seek unbiased and authentic information about medical aesthetics. Dr Vicki believes in delivering excellence for each of her patients, and only chooses best-of-breed treatments for every category.

Dr Vicki is also an advanced injector for safe, effective, natural yet impactful treatments . She was handpicked by the legendary Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio, who has single-handedly transformed the way cosmetic injectables are used in aesthetic medicine, to be his personal mentee from 2019 to the present. She remains, until today, the first and only practitioner in Singapore who has received such an honour.

VIDASKIN was the first clinic in Singapore to have the Thermage FLX treatment, and continues to perform among the highest number of treatments per year, allowing Dr Vicki the privilege of honing her experience and techniques to provide superior results.

She was also the only Singaporean aesthetic doctor in Monaco for the Ultherapy SEE PLAN TREAT protocol expert consensus meeting in 2018, and has been using this protocol before its introduction in Singapore. She now trains other doctors in this procedure.

Her commitment to continuous improvement drives her to devote much of her time to the study of newer, better and safer techniques, ingredients and technologies. Her work has gone deeper than improving physical appearances to enhance the psychological well-being and confidence of clients.

Dr Elizabeth Heah

Dr Elizabeth grew up with a varied education in Singapore and the United Kingdom. She has been intrigued by the wellness space from a young age, taking a keen interest in nutrition and artful movement with her involvement in the performing arts and practice of yoga. Graduating with a medical degree from the University of Manchester, she went on to obtain experience in a variety of medical specialties with a special interest in the surgical disciplines. It was during her elective in the Plastic Surgery department of Jikei University Hospital, Tokyo that she discovered the beauty in helping patients look and feel confident.

Fascinated by both anatomy and design, Aesthetic Medicine was a natural choice for her. Her strong surgical background and attention to detail serve her well during procedures. Dr Elizabeth is fully accredited with a Certificate of Competence in Aesthetic Dermatology by the Aesthetics Practice Oversight Committee (APOC) under the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). She has also been trained by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

With her curiosity and desire to constantly improve her practice, she keeps up to date with the latest innovations and regularly attends conferences both locally and abroad. Her extensive understanding of cosmetic formulation further enhances her practice as she believes in the value of small daily habits as an adjunct to in-office treatments.

She prioritizes patient education and endeavours to filter the noise to allow individuals to better understand the treatments they undergo. In doing so, Dr Elizabeth provides well-rounded treatment plans for a diverse group of patients. She employs evidence-based and FDA-approved therapeutic options, placing emphasis on safety and efficacy.