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Yellow Laser

The German-engineered Yellow Laser, also known as the “Glass Skin Laser”, gives a glow and clarity to the skin by targeting underlying redness, inflammation and visible vessels. Due to its specific wavelength of 577nm, the Yellow laser is suitable to treat vascular conditions such as rosacea, inflammatory acne, telengiectasia, vascular melasma and pigmentation or various vascular lesions. It can be used to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels with good results.

The Yellow Laser Difference

The main difference between the Yellow Laser and other skin rejuvenation lasers is the specific 577nm wavelength. Different laser wavelengths (colours of light) target different skin issues. The 577nm wavelength produces a yellow coloured light, giving it it’s name.

How Does the Yellow Laser Work?

The 577nm wavelength is able to target pigmentation, redness, inflammation, visible facial veins and uneven skin tone. This is due to the fact that the 577nm wavelength is effectively absorbed by both pigment (melanin) and oxyhaemaglobin within blood vessels. 

Traditionally, the most commonly used laser wavelength for the treatment of pigmented lesions (such as sunspots & age spots) and vascular lesions (or unsightly veins) has been the 532nm laser, or green laser light. A large proportion of pigmented spots, blood vessels and inflammation exist in a deeper vascular network that extends beyond the depth reachable by a 532nm green laser. Therefore, the 577nm wavelength which penetrates deeper is an effective solution for stubborn pigmentation and redness from inflammation. It is also able to treat a wider range of skin tones safely.

Why The Wavelength Matters

The 577nm pure yellow laser for skin rejuvenation provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. Compared to the standard green wavelength (532nm), the yellow wavelength can produce 40% higher absorption in the blood. This translates to less required power during treatment, which in turn provides several significant advantages, including:

Suitable for:


The yellow light energy from the Yellow Laser treats acne caused by P.acne bacteria by killing the bacteria. At the same time, it also reduces redness caused by inflammation and shrinks sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil).

Red acne marks, also known as PIE (Post-inflammatory Erythema), form due to increased blood circulation at badly-inflamed acne. These red marks persist even after the acne heals. The Yellow Laser can very effectively reduce these red marks by reducing the vascularity in these areas.


Birthmarks are coloured marks on the skin that is present at birth or develops shortly after. It is caused by pigment-producing cells or by abnormal blood vessels. The Yellow Laser removes birthmarks by targeting the pigment-making cells and the surrounding blood vessels. Over several treatment sessions, birthmarks get lighter and eventually fade as it is broken down by the body.

The Korean "Glass Skin" Effect

‘Glass skin’ is a term made popular by Korean doctors and celebrities.

It was coined ‘glass skin’ as the treatment achieves a glow that makes the skin look smooth and bright. The ProYellow laser is a treatment that is responsible for the ‘glass skin’ effect.

The ProYellow laser achieves the ‘glass skin’ effect by:

The ‘glass skin’ results are more obvious in patients with less oily skin/acne-prone skin. This is because oily skin tends to absorb less of the laser energy

Frequently Asked Questions

After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, topical anesthesia is applied to maximize comfort. Laser-protective goggles are then placed over the eyes for protection.
Most patients will experience some warmth or a prickly sensation on their skin during the procedure. There may be 2-3 different steps during your treatment depending on the areas to be treated.

The Yellow Laser is able to kill Propionibacterium acne bacteria, shrink sebaceous glands to reduce the production of sebum and reduce the appearance of active acne and red blemishes. The yellow light also promotes collagen growth and reduces small red blood vessels. This results in an overall tightening, firming and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Laser treatments for the face are generally comfortable. The cold air blower may be used concurrently to reduce discomfort and skin redness. Most of the time, patients will only feel the cold air.

Each treatment session is about 45 minutes including preparation. Most patients compare the feel of the laser to a tingling or prickling sensation like pins and needles. The Yellow Laser is very well tolerated even without anesthesia. However, topical anesthesia may be used for patients that request it.

Improvements are gradual as clearer and healthy-looking skin is more visible after each treatment. For best results, 6 treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart are recommended. Thereafter, maintenance treatments can be done once every 4-6 weeks or as required.

After a laser session, the affected area might appear pink for a few hours. Patients can resume their regular daily activities with no downtime.

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Yellow Laser is very safe because the laser does not injure the outermost layer of the skin. Side effects are minimal and may include redness and mild swelling. Most of these will disappear within hours of the treatment.

The Yellow laser is an effective wavelength for treating pigmented lesions and redness, as it can target both the pigment and underlying vessels for long-lasting results. A yellow laser beam also acts as the laser treatment for acne directed at the face, which destroys the Propionibacterium acne bacteria and shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce the production of sebum. The yellow light also promotes collagen growth and reduces small red blood vessels. This results in an overall tightening, firming and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

We have devised various protocols for different conditions. By using a combination of different wavelength lasers and adjuvant treatments, we can treat and improve the your skin's condition in a multimodal and holistic way. The results are more sustainable and longer lasting. 

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