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More Than A Peel - What Is Cosmelan® And Dermamelan®?

Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® are advanced medical grade depigmentation peels that effectively target the accumulation of skin pigment at its source, leading to a gradual elimination of spots. They can treat various types of pigmentation, including melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation, and freckles. These comprehensive treatments yield long-lasting results and consist of two phases: an initial consultation phase in clinic where a mask is applied for intensive depigmenting and a home phase where you continue to apply specialised products to reduce the risk of recurrence. During your consultation, the doctor will conduct a thorough assessment and begin the treatment with a mask for intensive depigmenting. In the subsequent home phase, you will continue the treatment by following a detailed guideline provided by your doctor. This phase involves applying complementary products for four months, which work continuously to depigment the skin and regulate long-term pigment overproduction whilst maintaining a healthy skin barrier.    
What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a skin discolouration that can appear as spots or brown patches, resulting from excessive melanin (pigment) deposition in the skin, giving rise to an uneven skin tone. There are many different types of pigmentation but common ones are melasma and solar lentigos (sun spots). The cause of these types of pigmentation are multifactorial, often resulting from a combination of genetic predisposition, accumulated sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, environmental stressors, certain medications (e.g., oral contraceptives, some antibiotics), lifestyle habits such as tobacco smoking and ageing. The overproduction of melanin stems from disruptions in cellular mechanisms, leading to an uneven distribution of pigment.

Addressing this complex problem requires a comprehensive approach, as many medical-aesthetic treatments may prove resistant. Even after treatment, conditions such as melasma have a tendency to recur. To achieve enduring results and prevent recurrence, it is imperative to not only target the visible darkening caused by accumulated pigment but also address the cellular source of the condition. By curbing the overproduction of melanin at its root, the reappearance of these spots can be effectively thwarted.


Benefits Of Cosmelan® And Dermamelan®

At VIDASKIN, we combine treatment modalities to suit your skin concerns and goals. Speak to us about a personalised treatment plan!


What Is This Treatment Like?

What Is The Difference Between Cosmelan® And Dermamelan®?

Both Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® target dark spots and pigmentation. Cosmelan® is generally used for new, superficial and mild-moderate pigmentation, whilst Dermamelan is a medical-grade peel used for deep, stubborn and moderate-severe pigmentation. They both have an initial consultation phase with an intensive depigmentation mask, followed by a home phase where products are applied at home to prolong your results. However the ingredients in Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® are different. Our doctors will assess your skin and determine which treatment you are suitable for.

What Can I Expect With One Treatment Of Cosmelan® Or Dermamelan®?

These treatments are safe for all ethnicities and skin tones. Within a week, you will notice significant fading of skin blemishes and a brighter complexion.

What Skin Features Can Be Corrected With Cosmelan® And Dermamelan®?

Give Your Skin A New Glow

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