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Hair Loss

Having voluminous hair can be the secret to looking youthful and radiant. If you are facing hair loss, you may find your confidence shedding along with your hair. Since hair loss is often associated with ageing, maintaining healthy hair can help you look younger and boost your self-esteem. Let’s take a look at what causes hair loss and how it can be treated.

What Are Some Types Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss and thinning may look different on everyone depending on the root cause that it stems from. Here are some ways hair can decrease in volume.

What Are Some Causes Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can arise from a variety of factors from internal and external factors that impact the health of your scalp and hair. Before your hair loss can be treated, there needs to be a proper diagnosis to understand how to best combat your concerns.

Here are some causes of hair loss:

Hair Loss In Men

Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) is largely visible as a receding hairline on the front of the head and over the vertex of the head. It is associated with a progressive decline in the diameter, length and pigmentation of the hair shaft over the defined regions.

Hair Loss In Women

As opposed to the topical nature of MPHL, Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) is made visible by the widespread thinning over the scalp without frontal hairline recession. Ways to diagnose it include checking the diversity of hair shaft thickness, reduced number of triple hairs and an increased number of single hairs per follicular unit.

How Much Hair Loss Is Too Much?

It is normal to shed hair throughout the day even if you have healthy hair. To determine if your hair shedding is excessive, refer to the graphic to compare your average daily hair loss.

Is Hair Loss Reversible?

The aim of treatment is to slow or stop the progression of hair loss rather than to promote hair regrowth. Although some women do experience hair regrowth with treatment, each individual will respond differently to treatment as the results are variable.

What Treatments Are Available For Hair Loss?

For healthier hair from the inside out, Viviscal® Professional is a drug-free supplement that can be consumed orally in the morning and at night. The clinically-studied hair growth vitamin supplement works in as little as 3 months for more resilient and smoother hair. With a proprietary AminoMar C™ marine complex plus a blend of vital nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin C and Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin B-2, it nourishes thinning hair and provides follicles with essential vitamins.

What Treatments Would Work For Me?

Depending on the cause of your hair loss, the best treatment for your hair concerns will vary accordingly. Consult with our doctors to understand the best way to regain your confidence with better hair.