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Why Ultherapy Reigns Supreme in Facial Rejuvenation: A Deeper Dive

As a medical doctor specializing in aesthetic procedures, I am deeply committed to providing my patients with the safest and most effective treatments available. This commitment is reflected in my unwavering preference for Ultherapy over other ultrasound devices, or what you may know as HIFUs, for lifting, tightening and facial rejuvenation. Let’s explore in greater detail why Ultherapy continues to be my top choice, and how it aligns with my practice’s ethos of prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction.

1. Real-Time Visualization:

Ultherapy’s real-time visualization feature remains unparalleled in the realm of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. This capability allows me to precisely observe the treatment area as it’s being treated, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and minimizing the risk of inadvertent tissue damage. The ability to visualize the underlying structures in real-time enables me to tailor the treatment precisely to each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. By maximizing treatment precision, I can achieve superior outcomes while prioritizing patient safety.

With other HIFU treatments, the depth of the target tissues, be it the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) or 筋膜层 in Chinese, or the deep dermal layers, is at best, a wild guess. And from my years of using the Ultherapy machine, I had challenged myself, to guess the depth of the SMAS, and I am about 50% of the time, very wrong. So why leave matters pertaining to your face up to guesswork, when we can be certain, 100% of the time?

There was also a study done in Thailand in 2021, to suggest that the contact (which determines the safety and efficacy of the treatment) is very much dependent on the visualization. Simply put, if you cannot see, your contact is not going to be ideal for optimized treatment outcomes.

2. FDA Approval

Ultherapy’s FDA approval is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to its safety, efficacy, and reliability. The FDA’s rigorous evaluation process ensures that medical devices meet stringent standards for quality and performance. Ultherapy’s FDA approval provides both practitioners and patients with confidence in its ability to deliver consistent and predictable results. When recommending treatments to my patients, I prioritize FDA-approved options like Ultherapy to ensure their well-being and satisfaction. To date, none of the other HIFU devices actually has FDA clearance!

3. Consistent Delivery of Thermal Coagulation Points:

Ultherapy’s advanced technology ensures the consistent delivery of thermal coagulation points, targeting specific depths of the skin with precision. This uniform energy deposition stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to gradual skin tightening and rejuvenation. By delivering predictable and reproducible results, Ultherapy allows me to customize treatments according to each patient’s unique needs and desired outcomes. The consistency of thermal coagulation points ensures that my patients achieve natural-looking results without the need for invasive surgery or prolonged downtime.


In my practice, the well-being and satisfaction of my patients always come first. While Ultherapy remains my preferred choice for facial rejuvenation due to its unmatched safety profile, efficacy, and FDA approval, I remain open to exploring new technologies and treatments that offer superior benefits for my patients. If there ever arises a better option in terms of safety and efficacy, I am committed to adopting it in my practice to ensure that my patients receive the highest standard of care possible. With Ultherapy, I can confidently provide my patients with a non-invasive solution for achieving youthful, radiant skin, backed by scientific evidence and regulatory approval.

Ready to experience the transformative effects of Ultherapy for yourself? Contact our friendly staff at +65 9830 0597 to schedule your consultation and discover how Ultherapy can lift and tighten your skin for a more youthful appearance. Alternatively, fill up the contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Don’t wait any longer to rejuvenate your complexion – take the first step towards firmer, smoother skin today!
Founded in 2015, Dr Vicki has grown with the clinic, to become one of the leading aesthetic clinicians in Singapore. She is an appointed key opinion leader and trains other aesthetic doctors on how to best use prestigious brands and treatments.

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