The Light & Bright ™ Treatment

The Light & Bright ™ treatment is an aesthetic treatment that can remove dark spots, reduce redness, and improve textural irregularities via skin resurfacing. This skin rejuvenating treatment combines two advanced technologies found in the Nordlys system. Using both an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology called Ellipse IPLTM and a Frax 1550TM laser on areas like the face and chest to rejuvenate your skin. This treatment does not break the skin, so the downtime is minimal, approximately 4-6 hours.

The Ellipse IPLTM

The IPL used in the Light & Bright™ treatment uses a narrow spectrum of light (called Ellipse IPL™) to treat the skin for conditions including sun damage, age spots, redness, spider veins, and rosacea. The fractional laser each uses a targeted wavelength to deliver small, controlled bursts of light energy to reduce textural irregularities via skin resurfacing, creating a smoother, more uniform complexion. Ellipse IPL technology is unique, filtering out harmful light wavelengths compared to standard IPLs.

The Frax 1550TM

The Frax 1550TM technology rejuvenates the skin by delivering very small, controlled bursts of energy to reduce textural irregularities. The Frax 1550 handpiece is FDA-indicated for use in dermatological procedures requiring the coagulation of soft tissue, as well as for skin resurfacing procedures.

Bring Your Inner Beauty To Light With Light & Bright ™

Older-technology broadband IPL uses broad wavelengths of light — up to 1,400 nm (nanometers) long — which may be lighter than needed for some procedures. This results in untargeted, high bursts of energy, which may overheat the skin and cause unnecessary pain and increase the risk of unwanted side effects.

The narrowband intense pulsed light (IPL) used in Light & Bright™ cuts off all light wavelengths above 950 nm, removing potentially harmful higher wavelengths. Since less light is delivered, the skin is exposed to less heat, making the procedure more comfortable. Additionally, this narrowband treatment allows the light that is delivered to be more targeted, potentially requiring fewer treatments than broadband IPL.

The Frax 1550™ & Frax 1940™ Technology allow for an easy and pleasant treatment compared to some other fractional lasers. The laser is quiet, creating a relaxing treatment experience. The use of both IPL and Frax wavelengths in a complementary fashion reaches different targeted skin depths to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, reduce redness, lighten age and dark spots, and improve skin texture.

100% of patients saw a lightening of pigmentation & 100% of patients saw a reduction in vascular appearance

What Can The Light & Bright ™ Treatment Address?

As we age, our skin changes. It becomes rougher, and unwanted pigmentation and small vessels can appear. Over time, sun exposure can accelerate signs of ageing. Designed to help remove dark spots, reduce redness, and improve textural irregularities, the Nordlys Light & Bright™ treatment may be your answer to brighter, smoother-looking skin.

The Light & Bright ™ treatment can help you:

What Areas Of The Body Does The Light & Bright ™ Treat?

The Light & Bright ™ Treatment easily treats these areas, bringing about long-lasting results.

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Who Is The Light & Bright ™ Treatment Suitable For?

If you have unsightly blood vessels or redness, pigmentation due to sun damage, or your skin has textural irregularities that bother you, then Light & Bright treatment may be right for you. A Light & Bright treatment provider can assess your skin and condition and determine whether the treatment will meet your needs.

Rejuvenate And Refresh Your Skin With The Light & Bright ™ Treatment

Are you ready to improve the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, and texture? Schedule a complimentary consultation with us where we’ll take some pre-treatment photos and develop an individualised treatment plan to help you meet your specific skin needs. Just call our office or book online to schedule a quick and comfortable Candela® The Light & Bright ™ Treatment — the skin-rejuvenation answer you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to your Light & Bright treatment, a nonobligatory consultation with Dr. Vicki or Dr Elizabeth will help you understand your skin better as well as discuss your treatment goals. It is important to avoid tanning (sun, tanning salons and self-tanning products) before and during the treatment period.

The Light & Bright treatment consists of a course of 3 treatments, but this may vary according to what will be treated. Here at VIDASKIN, we will carry out a careful skin analysis before reviewing with you the number of treatments you may need. Typically, this is not a painful treatment. If your worry is about discomfort, rest assured we offer an anaesthetic/ numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. This treatment procedure will generally take between 30-45 minutes. You may notice a sloughing off of some skin or a darkening of some pigmented spots for a few days following the treatment. After that, you will find your skin looks smoother, fresher and glowing.

Most patients will notice redness in their skin and a darkening of pigment in the areas treated. This may last a few days or several days depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment. We recommend gentle cleansers and moisturizers during your recovery, as well as sun avoidance. Once recovered, we recommend sunscreen and other sun protective measures. Red LightStim can be added to your treatment 24 hours later to help speed up your recovery. This is a painless 20-30 minutes treatment that reduces inflammation and increases blood flow to the skin.

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