Restylane Skin Boosters 水光针

The Koreans are famous for their seemingly perfect, dewy and ethereal glow. Their secret is finally out! The Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment is one of the most popular facial skin rejuvenation treatments in Korea and is now available in Singapore.

Skin Booster, also known as 水光针, is a new and innovative concept in Singapore that can help you achieve glowing, radiant skin. Skin Booster treatments rejuvenate the skin by enhancing hydration levels deep inside skin tissues and increasing its elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

Radiant, Hydrated Skin That Glows - Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of your skin that keeps it hydrated and soft. With age and exposure to heat and pollution in Singapore, your skin’s hyaluronic acid content may decrease, causing it to lose elasticity and hydration. Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ restore the natural composition of your skin, smoothening it from the inside and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, it creates a luminous glow by hydrating your skin and improving its texture, firmness, and elasticity. Achieve a refreshed and healthy look with Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™.

How Our Skin Booster Treatments In Singapore Work

Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ contain stabilised hyaluronic acid, a vital secret ingredient to smooth and glowing skin. The treatment involves giving a series of tiny injections of hyaluronic acid into the chosen area of your skin. SKINBOOSTERS™ replace your skin’s lost hyaluronic acid, restoring the skin’s firmness, natural hydration and radiance. Hydrated skin has a firm and smooth surface that reflects light in a manner that gives it a glowing, dewy appearance. Skin Boosters also stimulate collagen production to improve skin elasticity while reducing open pores, lifting and soothing away lines, and restoring your skin’s vital tone and youthful volume.

What Makes Restylane® Skin Boosters™ Unique?

Restylane® is the first stabilised non-animal HA filler in and beyond Singapore. First conceived in the late 1980s, Restylane® continually innovated and created products to suit all skin types. Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ was first created in 2004 to improve skin quality. Further research and improvements were made along the way and Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ was officially launched in 2012. To date, more than 20 million Restylane® treatments have been done worldwide.

Different Types Of Hyaluronic Acids

There are many different hyaluronic acids on the market. They vary in molecular size, chemical properties and purity, depending on the country of origin and method of production.

When it comes to Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™, VIDASKIN only offers Original Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ from Galderma, the maker of the original intradermal hyaluronic acid from Sweden. They own the proprietary technology to stabilise hyaluronic acid, which has been clinically proven to better stimulate collagen production in the skin.

We use the popular Vital Injector device from Korea to deliver the highest quality medical-grade hyaluronic acid into the skin with greater precision, ensuring optimal dosage and depth not achievable via injections with a needle and syringe. Apart from precision and consistency, the Vital Injector’s 5-pin multi-needle system and vacuum technology makes treatment quicker and more comfortable, giving you skin that glows with zero to light discomfort.

Skin Conditions Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ Can Improve

Areas Restylane® Skin Boosters™ Can Treat

Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ is a versatile and effective solution for skin concerns on:

Recommended Regularity For Skin Booster Treatments In Singapore

Although results appear after just one treatment, we recommend that Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ (水光针) be done over three initial treatments four weeks apart. Once the initial three-treatment program is completed, we recommend undergoing one treatment every six months for long-lasting results in Singapore. However, even without further Skin Booster treatments, your skin has already reaped the benefits of the age-reversing treatment and will always be more youthful than if you haven’t had the procedure done. Going for half-yearly treatments essentially stops the ageing process so that your skin retains a youthful glow, even in years to come.

A Skin Booster Treatment That Is Pleasant

All of our patients in Singapore have described the Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment as very tolerable. To further soothe you skin during the procedure, we will also apply a topical anaesthetic cream on your skin before the treatment

A Skin Booster Treatment With Minimal Downtime

After treatment, most people can continue with their normal work and social activities entailed by life in Singapore. There may be subtle injection marks over the face, but this usually lasts less than a week and can be easily covered with makeup.

A Skin Booster Treatment That Is Highly Safe

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring substance found in your body’s soft connective tissue, cartilage, skin tissue, and joint fluids. Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ is clinically proven to provide visible improvements to various skin conditions by using HA fillers to improve elasticity and luminosity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Our HA fillers are also temporary and will dissolve about one year after the treatment. Be sure to look out for clinics in Singapore that offer the Original Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ for improved results!

Enjoy Lasting Deep Hydration With A Healthy, Luminous Glow

Rather than slathering on layers of moisturisers to hydrate moisture-starved skin, choose Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ instead. Do consult your doctor to confirm if you are a qualified candidate for Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment. Your doctor will need to know your medical history, allergies, cosmetic treatments, surgeries done, and medications you are currently taking.

Get A Refreshed Look That Lasts With Our Skin Booster Treatments In Singapore

It’s important to us that all patients understand the importance of choosing a safe practitioner.

Here at VIDASKIN, we are proud to assure you that we are an accredited Medical Aesthetic Clinic that has recently received another AMI (Allergan Medical Institute) award for our Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatments in Singapore. On top of that, our founder, Dr. Vicki, has been inducted as a faculty member and the ONLY female trainer of her generation for AMI.

Get in touch with us at 9830 0597 to get a facial and skin assessment done with our doctors. This non-obligatory assessment can give you firsthand insights on how you can benefit from the Original Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment and get used to a more sculpted, happier, and rejuvenated version of yourself! Those short on time may also send us some photos, and we will do our best to advise you accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common side effects relating to Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment in Singapore are mild redness, swelling or bruising on the sites where treatment is administered. We offer post-treatment care in the clinic to help you soothe your skin and reduce redness. Any redness or swelling should resolve within a day or two.

Avoid food and supplements that can thin the blood, such as alcohol, NSAIDS, vitamin E, garlic, and ginseng, for two days before and after the treatment. For better results, you should also avoid strenuous exercises for a day or two after the treatment.

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Patients who want a refreshed and radiant look that lasts are suitable candidates. Patients experiencing dull skin with fine lines and want to achieve firmer and supple skin that glows are also recommended to go for Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatments in Singapore.

In general, individuals who are allergic to products with hyaluronic acid as an ingredient are advised to avoid Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment. Patients with bleeding disorders and skin inflammations around treatment areas are also forbidden to take this treatment as it may aggravate existing conditions. It is always best to first consult your doctor to avoid any risk concerning your overall health.

Patients who are taking the following medications should also inform their doctor before undertaking the procedure:

  • Aspirin
  • Immunosuppressive medicines
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Other medicines that affect bleeding
Our Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ treatment in Singapore can greatly lessen dark eye circles and improve the appearance of the skin under your eyes. It does this by enhancing skin hydration and moisture for a natural glow while also improving skin elasticity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the area.
You can expect results from our Skin Booster treatments in Singapore to last about 9 months after the initial treatment. If you repeat the treatment 2-3 more times about 4 weeks apart, you are likely to see longer-lasting skin hydrating results that can last for as long as 12 to 18 months. A noticeable improvement is expected, long-lasting, and supported by 15 years of clinical experience
For improved results, avoid strenuous activities and blood-thinning foods and drinks for 24 to 48 hours after your skin booster treatment treatment in Singapore.

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