Rejuran® Skin Healer 婴儿针

Reverse signs of skin ageing with Rejuran® Skin Healer treatment. Rejuran Healer (婴儿针) repairs and rejuvenates ageing or damaged skin. Unlike hyaluronic acid skinboosters, Rejuran Healer consists of biologically active molecules that stimulate regenerative processes and reduce inflammation. Rejuran Healer is one of the many treatments in our skin rejuvenation toolbox.

Repairs And Rejuvenate Damaged Ageing Skin

Rejuran® Skin Healer is known as a “healer for the skin”. It works by delivering highly biocompatible DNA fragments called polynucleotides to the dermis to improve the biological condition of the damaged skin. Nucleotides in the body are put together to form long chains of polynucleotides, also known as DNA. This injectable treatment is designed to tighten saggy skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, minimise pore size, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and overall skin health.

What Does It Do?

Where Can I Use Rejuran® Skin Healer?

Rejuran® Skin Healer can be used on the forehead, temples, midface, cheek, chin and neck areas, and even the hands. It is suitable for most people, even those with sensitive skin. It can be used as a preventative treatment in younger adults to delay the skin ageing process but is particularly helpful to those with more pronounced effects of ageing skin (uneven skin tone and texture, loss of elasticity and fine lines) and those with skin damaged by acne scars.

What Can Rejuran® Skin Healer Treat?

Why Should Anyone Choose Rejuran® Skin Healer?

With the unique properties of PDRN, Rejuran® Skin Healer has multiple anti-ageing skin benefits and can be used as a standalone treatment or as an adjunct to any anti-aging regimen.

What Is Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN)?

PDRN, also known as polydeoxyribonucleotide, is a remarkable compound with several benefits such as tissue repair, promoting healthy cell function and reducing inflammation. For several years, PDRN has been used by medical doctors in regenerative medicine and for treating diabetic foot ulcers.

What Are Polynucleotides (PN)?

The key to achieving baby skin lies in the main ingredient of Rejuran – polynucleotides (PN). Polydeoxyribonuclotides (PDRN) have previously been used as a skin injectable for anti-ageing and hair growth treatments in Korea, as well as medically for skin regeneration purposes. PN is a purer and more concentrated form of PDRN. It has a higher molecular weight and stronger regenerative properties.

Polynucleotide (PN) used in Rejuran® Skin Healer is a type of biological molecule similar to DNA in cells and is extracted from salmon. The main reason salmon is used is because studies have proved that salmon DNA has beneficial effects on the human skin. The DNA of salmon is also similar to that of humans. Not only has research proven salmon DNA safe, but the PN used in Rejuran is also treated and further purified and therefore free of components that can trigger an immune response. PN helps the skin by providing anti-inflammatory and wound-healing mechanisms which in turn can help stimulate collagen and improve hydration and elasticity of the skin.

What Does The Rejuran® Skin Healer Treatment Involve?

Rejuran® Skin Healer Is A Popular Choice For These Proven Benefits

What To Expect During Your Treatment?

Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to subdue the sensation. Like Skinboosters, Rejuran® Skin Healer can be injected into the dermis layer of the skin either by an injector gun or by manual injections with a very small needle. At VIDASKIN, we employ the manual injection technique as it ensures that the product is targeted precisely where it is needed for best results. Also, with manual injections, downtime with Rejuran® Skin Healer is minimal. After the procedure, to further enhance results and recovery, you can have the option of being treated with a cooling mask, LED light therapy or Calecim Serum.

Where Is Rejuran® Skin Healer Injected?

In contrast to dermal filler injections, the Rejuran® Skin Healer Treatment involves micro-injections that target the superficial dermis, remaining within the top layer of the skin. By stimulating the growth of fibroblasts, specialised cells responsible for collagen production and other components of the skin’s extracellular matrix, Rejuran® promotes the generation of new cells while replacing old and damaged ones. The result is smoother and more elastic skin with reduced pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Additionally, pores are minimised, and the skin becomes firmer and less saggy. The benefits of Rejuran® extend beyond cosmetic improvements, as it acts as a healing agent. It can also contribute to the improvement of conditions such as eczema, acne-induced inflammation, and deep-set acne scars.

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Dr. Vicki is meticulous and is committed to ensuring that the best possible treatment is administered to meet your needs. The results derived from the treatment are also largely dependent on the method and hand skills of the doctor. When you choose VIDASKIN, you are choosing an AMI award-winning clinic, medical practitioner & official MD Codes trainer handpicked by the legendary Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio De Maio.

Feel free to get in touch with us at 9830 0597. A skin assessment will help determine what treatment will work best for you. We recommend that you come by for a nonobligatory consultation with our doctors to better understand how you can benefit from these treatments. However, if you do not have the time to spare, you may send us some photos and we will do our best to advise accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We highly recommend combining Rejuran® Skin Healer with Hyaluronic Acid. Whilst Rejuran® Skin Healer gives excellent long-term age prevention to the skin, it does not give you the immediate results of skin dewiness that you see with Skinboosters. For the combination treatment, we use the Redensity treatment, which is a hyaluronic acid booster, and also contains skin healing substances and antioxidants for overall skin healing.
Both treatments are administered in a rather similar manner, but have different functions and work quite differently. Skinboosters use hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin by administering tiny amounts in the superficial layer of the skin. This treatment gives the skin a smoother appearance by plumping up the skin, which leads to a reduced appearance of fine lines.​ On the other hand, Rejuran® Skin Healer treatment takes a more anti-aging/ age prevention approach to skin. It repairs and heals damaged skin cells and reverses signs of ageing to keep the skin young and healthy.

It is suitable for both men and women, especially ones with damaged skin related to sun, aging or acne.
Rejuran® Skin Healer has rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties that help with skin healing, regeneration and renewal.
It also works for young adults as a preventive treatment to delay the aging process, so you will always look younger than your age.

✓ Those seeking long-lasting skin renewal and healing
✓ Those who wish to restore the skin’s balance of oil and moisture
✓ Have large pores and want to improve skin’s texture
✓ Treat wrinkles around the eyes area, smile lines and forehead, and want to improve aged skin
✓ Looking for a more natural alternative to treat wrinkles around the eyes/ mouth/ forehead wrinkles

The needle used is very small which aids with minimal downtime. Any redness and swelling can be reduced significantly with LED treatment, cold compress and stem cell serums. Most people can go back to work almost immediately. Patients may experience slight bumpiness of the skin right after the treatment, but this usually subsides within 30 - 60 mins. Minimal redness is experienced with manual injections. You are advised to stay indoors for 24 - 48 hours after treatment to avoid external damage from the sun, pollutants and cosmetics. Visible “bumps” usually subside within 24 hours. It’s also advised to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, using saunas or Turkish baths as well as strenuous exercise for a few days after the treatment.

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