LaseMD™ Skin Perfecting Laser

LaseMD™ is a laser skin resurfacing treatment that utilizes the Laser-Assisted Single Effective Molecule Delivery (LaseMD) technology. It is designed to create micro-channels in the skin, allowing for more effective delivery of custom formulated cosmeceuticals. The treatment triggers a healing response in the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in healthier and younger-looking skin. The laser heats targeted tissue in the deeper layers of the skin while leaving the surface layer intact, minimizing downtime.

How Does LASEMD™ Work?

LaseMD™ uses a fractional thulium laser to create microscopic treatment zones (MTZ) in the skin. The laser resurfaces the skin and allows for the growth of new skin cells. Additionally, LaseMD™ acts as a Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS). It enhances the penetration of cosmeceutical serums into the skin, allowing for customized treatments based on individual skin concerns.

The Fractional Laser

LaseMD™ utilizes a fractional laser, which treats the skin in small fractions at a time instead of ablating the whole surface. This approach allows for safer treatment of skin conditions such as acne scars with minimal downtime.

Laser Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS) Treatment

The Laser Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS) treatment combines fractional laser technology with tailored ampoules designed to address different skin concerns. This “skin incubating” program enables the cosmeceutical solution to penetrate deeply into the dermis through the microchannels created, maximizing its efficacy. The CDS treatment can improve skin tone, texture, and refine pores. It is effective for various skin conditions such as melasma, pigmentation, and skin laxity.

The LaseMD™ Laser

The LaseMD™ laser has gained popularity since its official launch due to its visible results that can be seen after a few treatments.



The LaseMD™ laser incorporates a magnetic tracking system, which enables accurate treatment by measuring the distance of each shot and determining the number of shots to fire. The laser is fiber-based, allowing for more stable and precise treatment.



The LaseMD™ laser is suitable for all skin types. It offers different treatment modes to address various concerns, including cosmeceutical delivery, improvement of skin tone and texture, and lightening of pigmented lesions. This versatility allows for customized treatments based on individual needs.



The LaseMD™ laser features a small beam diameter of 110 µm, providing a more comfortable treatment experience. As a result, little to no numbing cream is required. Additionally, the laser causes less trauma to the skin, resulting in minimal downtime.

The LaseMD™ laser combines advanced technology, versatility, and minimal downtime, making it a preferred choice for skin rejuvenation treatments.

Benefits Of The LaseMD™ Treatment

Enhancing The LaseMD™ Treatment With LaseMD™ Serums

The LaseMD™ serums are designed with Multi-Nanosome Granulated (MHG) technology, which keeps the active ingredients fresh without the use of preservatives. The serums are activated before each treatment and can effectively penetrate the skin, even after the micro-channels created by the laser have closed.

Schedule A Consultation

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your skin with LaseMD™ Skin Perfecting Laser, you can schedule a complimentary consultation at VIDASKIN. Our doctors will assess your skin and develop an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs. The experienced staff at VIDASKIN are available to provide more information and answer your inquiries via WhatsApp at 9830 0597.


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Frequently Asked Questions

LaseMD™ treatment is performed by a doctor. Prior to each treatment, a consultation is conducted to assess the skin and determine the most suitable ampoule for treatment. During the procedure, the laser is applied, and the activated ampoule is applied to the skin. The treatment is comfortable and generally well-tolerated, with little to no downtime. Mild pinkness on the skin may occur but typically subsides within a few hours.
The best results with LaseMD™ treatment are typically achieved with a series of six treatments, performed at two-week intervals. However, the number of treatments may vary depending on individual needs and goals. Consultation with a doctor is recommended to determine the most suitable treatment plan.
After each LaseMD™ treatment, patients are provided with ampoules used during the treatment for home use. These ampoules can be incorporated into regular skincare routines to maintain and enhance the results achieved with LaseMD™ treatment.
LaseMD™ treatment is suitable for those seeking a boost to their skincare routine. It is suitable for individuals with busy schedules due to its minimal downtime. The treatment is beneficial for improving complexion, reversing sun and age-related damage, and addressing various skin concerns.
Results from LaseMD™ treatment can be noticed a few days after each treatment, with brighter and more even skin tone. Results can last for months, depending on individual lifestyle and maintenance. Repeat treatments can help prolong the effects of the treatment.

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