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Carbon Peel Laser

The Hollywood Carbon Peel Laser, also known as the Carbon Laser Peel or the “Hollywood Peel,” gained popularity among celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian for visible results right after treatment with minimal discomfort. It has become a monthly maintenance treatment for many individuals seeking skin that rivals that of celebrities.

The Hollywood Laser Peel is performed using a Q Switch laser, which is a no-downtime procedure that rejuvenates aging and damaged skin. This gentle treatment is safe for most skin types and offers a quick skin refresh without the extended downtime associated with other laser procedures. It effectively evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars, resulting in younger-looking and smoother skin. While the treatment can be done as a standalone procedure, it tends to work best with several treatments performed over time.

What Is A Carbon Laser Peel?

A carbon laser peel is an exfoliating and resurfacing treatment that utilizes activated carbon powder and advanced Q-switch XLase lasers to treat various skin conditions. Also known as the Hollywood Peel or Carbon Laser Facial, this treatment provides the benefits of four peels in one treatment with minimal to no downtime. It exfoliates the skin deeply, surpassing the effects of a regular peel, and is completely non-invasive. It stimulates collagen remodeling and is effective for addressing pigmentation, redness, rosacea, acne, dehydrated and dull skin, oily skin, blackheads, and enlarged pores.

What Can A Carbon Laser Peel Do?

Carbon Laser Peels address common concerns associated with aging skin, such as increased pigmentation, uneven texture (including acne scarring), and wrinkles. The laser energy works in two ways: first, it targets melanin (pigmentation) in the cells, breaking it up for natural removal; second, it heats the deep dermis, causing skin contraction and stimulating collagen production.

The Perfect Solution

How Is This Treatment Performed?

Before the treatment, an in-depth consultation is conducted to create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s needs, skin assessment, and medical history. The treatment begins with the application of liquid carbon to the skin, which penetrates deep into the pores. Laser light is highly attracted to carbon particles, and as the laser passes over the skin, it destroys the carbon along with dead skin cells, contaminants, and oil. The laser then removes the carbon, taking with it any clogged pores and leaving the skin clear, bright, and toned. Multiple passes are usually required for optimal results. The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

How Effective Is 1 Treatment?

A single Carbon Laser Peel treatment has the skin-brightening effect of four chemical peels. It safely removes the top layer of skin, eliminating imperfections, and stimulates collagen production for long-lasting youthful skin. Monthly treatments are recommended for maintenance of a bright, glowy complexion.

Treating Melasma With The Q Switch Laser

The Q Switch Laser is FDA-cleared for treating melasma. It is also suitable for treating epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions, as well as age spots, freckles, solar lentigos, café-au-lait lesions, chloasma, acne, and liver spots. Melasma treatment typically requires several treatments, and noticeable improvements can be seen after 6-8 treatments.

Spectra Carbon Peel At Vidaskin

At VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic, personalized treatment plans are created to meet each patient’s specific needs. A complimentary in-depth skin diagnosis using the latest 3D technology, such as Visia Complexion Analysis, is offered. Contact VIDASKIN to learn more about achieving a youthful and clearer complexion without invasive cosmetic surgery. Our doctors and qualified staff at VIDASKIN are dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals and feel their best. Photos can also be sent if an in-person consultation is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of treatments needed varies for each individual. The gentle nature of the Carbon Laser Peel allows it to be done as a one-time treatment or multiple treatments. With minimal downtime, the procedure can be scheduled before special events to ensure a refreshed appearance. Our doctors will recommend a treatment plan during your skin assessment.

Carbon Laser Peels can benefit individuals with acne scars, pigmentation, rosacea, dull skin, fine lines and enlarged pores. Acne responds well to this treatment. The Carbon Laser targets active acne, early red scars, and redness associated with acne. It shrinks oil glands, dries them up, and eliminates acne-causing bacteria. A series of 6-8 treatments is usually recommended. The procedure is comfortable, has minimal downtime, and is also effective for treating rosacea and facial flushing.

The Carbon Laser Peel has almost no downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities immediately. Mild redness may occur but subsides within 1-2 hours. It is an ideal treatment to undergo before special events for an enhanced appearance.

No, the Carbon Laser Peel is not a chemical peel. It is an advanced non-ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment that provides healthier-looking skin after a single treatment.

The Carbon Laser Peel is safe and effective for most skin types. It is recommended for individuals seeking to rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin, improve skin tone and texture, reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, control acne outbreaks, and fade acne scars.

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