Dermamelan® is an advanced medical grade chemical peel and depigmentation method that effectively targets the accumulation of skin pigment at its source, leading to a gradual elimination of spots. This comprehensive treatment yields long-lasting results and consists of two phases: an initial consultation phase in clinic and a home phase lasting for four months.

During your consultation, the doctor will conduct a thorough assessment and begin the treatment with two masks for intensive depigmenting.

In the subsequent home phase, you will continue the treatment by following a detailed guideline provided by your doctor. This phase involves applying complementary products for four months, which work continuously to depigment the skin and regulate long-term pigment overproduction whilst maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a skin discolouration that can appear as spots or brown patches, resulting from excessive melanin (pigment) deposition in the skin, giving rise to an uneven skin tone. There are many different types of pigmentation but common ones are melasma and solar lentigos (sun spots). The cause of these types of pigmentation are multifactorial, often resulting from a combination of genetic predisposition, accumulated sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, environmental stressors, certain medications (e.g., oral contraceptives, some antibiotics), lifestyle habits such as tobacco smoking and ageing. The overproduction of melanin stems from disruptions in cellular mechanisms, leading to an uneven distribution of pigment. Addressing this complex problem requires a comprehensive approach, as many medical-aesthetic treatments may prove resistant. Even after treatment, conditions such as melasma have a tendency to recur. To achieve enduring results and prevent recurrence, it is imperative to not only target the visible darkening caused by accumulated pigment but also address the cellular source of the condition. By curbing the overproduction of melanin at its root, the reappearance of these spots can be effectively thwarted.

What are the key ingredients in Dermamelan®

The new Dermamelan® formula incorporates two exclusive patented ingredients developed by mesoestetic® to maximize efficacy in correcting and regulating hyperpigmentation. 

These ingredients are:

Therefore Dermamelan® is not only effective in removing existing pigmentation but also alters cellular mechanisms such that new pigment does not form as easily, reducing the risk of recurrence.

How is the Dermamelan® treatment performed?

  1. Consultation Phase: First, we recommend a consultation with one of our doctors to assess your suitability for Dermamelan® treatment. Following which, the skin will be cleansed and an intensive Dermamelan® depigmentation mask will be applied followed by the Dermamelan® ion mask. The ion mask maximises the absorption and efficacy of the active depigmenting ingredients. This is left on for 4 hours and you may wash it off at home with plenty of water.

  2. Home Phase: 48 to 72 hours later, you will continue the treatment at home with a twice-daily application of Dermamelan® home treatment products for a duration of 4 months.

Determining Suitability for the Dermamelan® Treatment

To assess the suitability of Dermamelan® for your specific needs, we recommend consulting a medical doctor. They will evaluate your condition and determine whether this treatment is the right choice for you.

Is it a completely painless treatment?

Dermamelan® is a gradual and controlled process that leads to complete skin renewal. While some mild reactions are expected, such as temporary redness and a warm sensation immediately after the clinic treatment, these discomforts will subside within 24-48 hours. During the home phase, slight flaking and occasional sensitivity may occur, but these effects can be managed with the use of recommended home products provided by your specialist.

Compatibility with Daily Activities

As a non-invasive topical treatment, Dermamelan® does not hinder your ability to maintain a normal daily routine. However, it is vital to diligently adhere to the prescribed daily homecare regimen and minimize sun exposure as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermamelan® treatment significantly reduces the appearance of spots. However, it is important to note that spots may have a tendency to reappear over time. To ensure long-lasting results, it is crucial to diligently follow the recommended homecare routine and consistently use specific photoprotection products that help prevent repigmentation. Your doctor will provide guidance on the most suitable products for your individual needs.
When used correctly under professional supervision, Dermamelan® should not cause any adverse effects. This minimally invasive topical treatment allows you to continue with your normal daily activities. During the initial consultation phase and immediately after treatment, some skin irritation or redness may occur, which is a normal and expected reaction that will subside within a few days. In the home phase, mild peeling and sensitivity may be experienced, but these symptoms can be alleviated by following the doctor-recommended home products.
Visible improvements from dermamelan® treatment can be observed within a few weeks after the application of the mask during the consultation phase. During this time, melanin is removed from the outer layers of the skin, resulting in improved skin texture and a reduction in spot coloration. However, it is essential to continue the full four-month treatment duration, as simply removing accumulated melanin is insufficient. The goal is also to down-regulate melanin production for lasting results.

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