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Reset Your Routine

As 2024 rolls around, I am filled with the usual sense of renewal. Whilst we write our New Year’s Resolutions with the purpose of taking better care of ourselves, let us review how to put our best face forward. I would like to share some basic principles that you may want to consider when deciding on your aesthetic treatments and skincare routines, to start the year off on the right foot.

1. Identify your goals

The world of beauty is increasingly growing, with new advancements almost everyday. More is not better when it comes to skin health. I adopt the minimalist approach to beauty, where the most important first step is to identify the underlying issue or skin concern. Understanding what the problem is will guide our treatments and usually provide more effective and natural results.

2. Go the extra mile with in-clinic treatments

Ageing occurs everywhere in the body and our faces are no exception. Whilst what we see may be wrinkles or a fold on the surface of your skin, the underlying cause may originate from deeper within the face. I believe that skincare can be a very powerful tool when used correctly but there are just some depths that topically applied skincare cannot reach.

Below are some examples of common aesthetic concerns that will require more than just topicals:
Sagging in the face often occurs as a result of loss of structure due to fat loss or loosening of the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS) layer which is a muscle layer that holds our facial tissues in place. This will benefit from Ultherapy to tighten the SMAS layer or Dermal Fillers to restore facial structure.
Dynamic wrinkles such as frown lines, horizontal forehead wrinkles or crows feet are visible during facial expression and are due to the movement of our facial muscles. BTX is a wrinkle relaxing treatment that reduces the movement of targeted muscles and softens these wrinkles in the process.
Fine lines and skin laxity is due to a loss of collagen and slowing down of our collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts. Thermage or lasers such as the Fotona or PicoSure can wake up our fibroblasts to restart our collagen production and tighten the skin.
Acne scars. Any scar forms as a result of injury to the skin. In acne scars, this injury occurs as a pimple. During the healing process, our bodies try to produce collagen to heal the skin. Somewhere along the way, the collagen production may not be enough, resulting in a depressed acne scar. The aim of acne scar treatment is to stimulate collagen production to shallow out the scar. We will often use lasers or radiofrequency micro needling devices such as Potenza for this purpose.

3. Make a plan with your doctor

A good treatment plan is one that is effective, feasible and fits within your lifestyle. A conversation with your medical doctor is best to help you plan a treatment journey that is right for you. During your consultation, share any goals that you have in terms of timeline, downtime and inform your doctor of any medical conditions or lifestyle activities that are important to you. After completing a course of treatment, ask about how to maintain your results as that is equally as important!

4. Use skincare as a side kick

For a holistic and well-rounded treatment plan, good daily skincare habits are essential to further enhance your skin health. A basic routine consists of a cleanser to wash away impurities, moisturiser to replenish and sunscreen to protect. After establishing a basic skincare routine, we can then introduce active ingredients to target your specific skin concerns. These may include ingredients such as vitamin c for brightening, salicylic acid for clarifying or even retinol for anti-Aging. Your skin is a living organ, treat it well and it will thrive as you do!

5. Be kind to yourself

We are only human and so is our skin! Good things take time. In fact, one skin cycle takes 6-8 weeks. Remember that consistency is key with skincare, do not expect miracles overnight. Whenever introducing a new product into my routine, I would wait a good 2 months before deciding if the product is working for me. Avoid switching out products too often as you may not have given them enough time to work!

6. What not to do is just as important!

Your lifestyle plays a big role in the way we age. Excessive sun exposure is one such well documented cause of ageing. Not only does it lead to the formation of pigmentation but it can also damage your collagen and elastin, worsening skin laxity and enlarged pores. Besides wearing your sunscreen daily, you may want to review your sun habits. Perhaps you can go for your walk or swim after sunset when the sun is past its peak or remember to wear a cap or visor when spending time outdoors. Every little bit makes a difference! With that, I wish you a happy 2024 and great skin health for the year ahead!
Dr Elizabeth grew up with a varied education in Singapore and the United Kingdom. She has been intrigued by the wellness space from a young age, taking a keen interest in nutrition and artful movement with her involvement in the performing arts and practice of yoga. Graduating with a medical degree from the University of Manchester, she went on to obtain experience in a variety of medical specialties with a special interest in the surgical disciplines. (Read Dr Elizabeth's full biography in our About Page!)

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