ASTRAA Multi Vita Amino Concentrate

SGD 168.00

The Multi Vita Amino Concentrate has been formulated with Vitamin A, B, C, E, Amino Acids and Ferulic Acid. This hand working and nourishing serum revitalizes, energizes and repair dull and stressed skin. Enriched with high emollience ingredients like Ceramides and Shea Butter, it is perfect for dry, parched, and compromised skin types that require immediate boost of topical vitamins. Long term use of this serum can significantly improve overall skin texture.

Apply a few drops in the morning and evening to the face and neck after cleansing. Gently massage until fully absorbed, leaving a smooth film on the skin.

  • Skin Type/Concern: Anti-Ageing
  • Bottle/Size: 30ml Glass Dropper
  • Day/Night Use
  • Formulated and manufactured exclusively for ASTRAA Pte Ltd.